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EALA’s culinary philosphy

A new dimension of gourmet cuisine

Impressed by the Risatti family's vision of hospitality and catering, starred chef Alfio Ghezzi accepted the challenge to take over of the kitchen of EALA, the exclusive 5-star L hotel on Lake Garda. The culinary concept developed by the chef reflects the desires and aspirations of today's guests and blends gastronomic culture and landscape with mastery. The main aspect that characterises the philosophy developed by Alfio Ghezzi for EALA is the integration of cuisine and landscape, local culture and national culture.

The Fine dining Senso and the Alfio Ghezzi Bistrot are spaces that offer new, special, and stimulating experiences.

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Sustainability in the kitchen means defending the territory, enhancing local products, and respecting time.

Alfio Ghezzi, Executive Chef