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A hotel with a beautiful parc and private beach on Lake Garda

Dream moments in nature

Nestled between the shimmering blue lake and the majestic mountains is where you’ll find the garden of EALA: a secluded paradise amidst nature, an oasis surrounded by lush greenery and protected by deciduous trees, palm trees, and cypresses. In this place of tranquillity you can only hear the sound of the wind that rustles in the treetops and the soft waves of the water that break on the shores of Lake Garda. A stroll in the garden of EALA leads to a new world where the spirit comes to rest and the soul finds inspiration.

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Small details make the stay even more perfect

Uniqueness is made up of small details. The private beach is one of the details that define the exclusivity of EALA on Lake Garda, the hotel with lake view and the only 5-star L hotel that boasts direct access to Lake Garda and a private pier. With its essential lines and modern design, the cosy lounge beds by the lake invite guests to lie down and enjoy the shade and intimacy of the elegant canopy's curtains.

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