EALA 5-star L – our hotel on Lake Garda with 5 stars

An exclusive luxury hotel in Limone sul Garda

The dream of a perfect holiday comes to life on the shores of Lake Garda, in a hotel with 5 stars that shapes the definition of absolute well-being for body and soul. Our exclusive 5-star L hotel on Lake Garda is inspired by and owes its name to a wonderful animal that has always lived on the shores of Lake Garda: the swan, eala in Celtic. An elegant animal, with an innate grace, to which many symbolic meanings have been attributed over time. Among all of them, we have chosen the one that best represents what our hotel with 5 stars on Lake Garda wishes to offer its guests: a journey of discovery of one's self and inner beauty. In the 1,500 m2 spa, in the elegant suites, and in the parc and on the private beach body and soul embark on a journey in which they rediscover tranquillity, relaxation, and themselves.

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Our suites

Dream spaces

Pure whites, sky blues, fine marbles, and elegant silvers: every suite of our 5-star L hotel on Lake Garda is embellished with unique details and every space is designed to offer maximum comfort and allow your imagination to spread its wings.


Junior suite ALBUS
Junior suite NEMOS
Spa suite ARGANTOS
Royal suite AWEN

The morning was magnificent, slightly cloudy, but calm when the sun rose. We passed Limone, with its gardens and terraces climbing up the mountain slope; a spectacle of wealth and grace.

Goethe, Italian Journey 13 September 1786

The charm of Lake Garda

Lake Garda has always fascinated writers and poets with its particularly mild climate, the beauty of its landscapes, and the villages around its shores. From Virgil to Catullus, from Goethe and Kafka to Gide, Nietzsche, and D'Annunzio – many writers and intellectuals of the past have written and spoken about the beautiful places that surround our 5-star L hotel on Lake Garda. The extraordinary beauty, the Mediterranean climate, and the typical villages still exert the same charm of the past on the many tourists that visit the places around our hotel with 5 stars on Lake Garda every year. A holiday in Limone sul Garda is, therefore, the perfect opportunity to discover the places that continue to enchant visitors of all ages.

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Fine dining in our hotel on Lake Garda with 5-stars

The menus of our luxurious 5-star L hotel in Limone sul Garda allow you to discover the traditional flavours and aromas of the Italian cuisine, the simplicity of the traditional recipes, and the authentic taste of Lake Garda. All ingredients used by the starred chef of our 5-star L hotel on Lake Garda are carefully selected and locally sourced from producers committed to the sustainability of our territory. With great attention to the seasonality of each product, the two restaurants and the Alfio Ghezzi Bistrot of our hotel with 5-stars on Lake Garda offer varied, tasty, and healthy menus that encompass traditional regional dishes, classics of the Italian cuisine, and creative gourmet specialties.

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Wellness and harmony in our spa

Balance, harmony, and regeneration are what we strive for in our spa hotel on Lake Garda. In the 1,500 m2 wellness oasis, a team of qualified professionals takes care of the wellbeing of the body, mind, and soul of each guest of our accommodation on Lake Garda in Italy. The wide range of beauty and wellness services includes treatments that are also carried out outdoors, surrounded by the nature and peace of the garden of our exclusive hotel with 5 stars on Lake Garda. The panoramic saunas, the two indoor pools, and the outdoor infinity pool that seems to merge with the waters of the lake below it complete the experience of tranquillity, relaxation, and wellness offered by our luxury 5-star L hotel on Lake Garda.

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