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The fundamental concept of homotoxicology is that the disease evolves and passes through various phases of subsequent aggravation and deepening: these phases depend on the type of toxins involved, on the patient’s reactivity but also on the passage of time.

The evolution of the pathology is linked to the immunological situation of the patient (for instance of the kidneys, liver, intestine, lungs, skin), which must be studied in a conventional manner and supported precisely with homotoxicological drugs.

Based on the dictates of homotoxicology, the therapeutic strategy will have to be adapted to the different stages of disease evolution, corresponding to the progressive deterioration of the immune system.


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Doctor Bonafini, health professional and member of the International Academy of PRM (Physiological Regulating Medicine) is at disposal for an indipendent medical examination with the purpose of identifying a specific therapy to restore the balance and well-being of the organism.


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