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A weekend in the best hotel on Lake Garda

Dreaming with open eyes in the suites of EALA

From the shores of the lake to the interiors, EALA is characterised by the same refined elegance as the swan. The minimalist shapes, the harmonious colours, the loving details, and the light-flooded rooms create a luxurious atmosphere with a sober, delicate, and authentic character. The atmosphere of the suites immediately takes you into a takes you into a world where you can make your personal dreams come true. Between the soft pillows and the luxurious super king size beds is where your body finds peace and your mind finds inspiration. Outside, on the balconies and panoramic terraces, the gaze can get lost on the horizon and contemplate the beauty of the lake and the mountains that surround it. Immerse yourself in the water of the outdoor air pools, close your eyes, and let the sound of the waves carry your troubles away. Your romantic weekend in one of the best hotels on Lake Garda has just begun. It's up to you to write the rest of the story.

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